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Office Time Management
Working on the boss mode here, well done for finding the [x]

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Office Time Management

Welcome to Office Time Management dot com. Many people find themselves in a job where their workstation is located in an open plan office, or somewhere where their screen is clearly visible by everyone walking by. Some bosses do this so they can watch what employees are doing, to make sure that they are being 'productive' all time; sometimes it just happens to be the unfortunate layout of the office.

If you are anything like me, then you don't like to feeling as if you are a specimen that is constantly being monitored; sometimes you just want to check out the news and not be judged for not working all the time.

This is what Office Time Management aims to overcome, you enter a URL and the site fetches the content and presents it to you looking like a Microsoft word document. It enables you to have a break without your boss or peers looking at your screen and getting suspicious.

Another benefit of the site is that it covers your tracks and your browsing history. If your browsing history was brought up by the IT team, it would appear as if you were visiting a website called

How to use this site

First press F11, this toggles your browser to full screen mode and makes the theme look much more legitimate. Pressing F11 again will exit full screen mode.

Click the tool bar at the top of the page. This will display a fake 'Find and Replace' form. That looks like

Clicking the toolbar again will hide it. Where is says URL, enter the page that you want converted. The URL must start with the HTTP:// and it needs to be the full URL or the page may not be fetched.

Select the type of Microsoft Word version you want it formatted as.

To fetch the page, click the 'Cancel' button.

That should do it.

Things to note

Links are underlined, but they don't automatically load the page when clicked. When you click on a link it will automatically populate the URL field in the fake 'Find and Replace' form. You will then need to click the task bar (if the form isn't open) and press the button to get the next page.

Images that are on the original page are still viewable. Where there was an image, you will see --> image. If you hover your mouse over it, it will display to one side.

By default Microsoft Word 2010 is the selected theme.

The donate button,

Please use it and help me keep this site online, even if it is a small amount, every little bit helps.


  • You browser must be able to run JavaScript
  • Automatic web page redirections don't work. (Usually a '301 Moved Permanently' error)
  • Anything requiring a password won't work (the site can't pass credentials)
  • Not all sites can be fetched and hence can't be displayed.
  • Sites that use ajax or dynamic content (post processed) probably won't fetch properly.
  • The site only has a limited amount of bandwidth and processing power. So sometimes fetching a page may not work (this can be fixed, help out by donating).
  • The site does not use cookies, so each new session will use revert to the default Microsoft Word 2010 theme (maybe I should offer a 'save session' feature ... thoughts? Is this something that you would like to see?).
  • If you only have one screen, full screen mode (F11) covers the task bar. I am not too sure how to tackle this one yet, I don't have all the different varieties of task bar, and as not all desktops are created/look the same, I may not be able to make a version that suits everyone. You can help by taking a screen shot of your task bar and emailing it to me at officetimemanagement(at) (mention your OS too).
  • If image fetching is selected, it is possible to track what you have been viewing. Images are fetched locally. Select disable images if you want to prevent this. (Not implemented yet, coming soon)
  • This has only been tested in FF version 19, Chrome 25 an 26 and IE version 9. It may not render properly in other versions. I'm happy to hear from you if you find rendering problems with other browsers or other browsers that it works in. I'll list them here.

Final words

I know it isn't perfect, they layout is missing some of the finer details (like the scroll bar which goes from the top to the bottom of the page when it shouldn't). I am slowly working on it to make it better over time (when I have time). I am open to suggestions on how to make it better, or even if you want to contribute (for example, a new theme or better layout) email me at officetimemanagement(at)

As mentioned above in the limitations, this site has a finite amount of bandwidth and processing power. I am personally funding this as a thought experiment for the time being, but your support to provide a better hosting plan would be greatly appreciated and will keep this site online for longer. So please click the donate button and help out.

Lastly, I hope this works for you and that you can gain some value from it. Use it, mention it to your friends (but not your boss :P )




I'm working on a boss key, a simple button (that is blended into the theme) that clears the page and put up some professional looking word document on time management. I'll update the 'How to use this site' section when it is complete.

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